Sunday, May 4, 2014

Because of Her

THIS! THIS is how I am going to spend my mother's day. Reading about my fellow motherless daughters' moms. I am waiting for approval on my submission, but this is truly beautiful.

Because of Her

Read, share, enjoy. It feels weird to say "enjoy," but I did it anyways.

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  1. dear Jessica,

    this is fabulous! I read each entry and was so touched and inspired, and I am so happy that you felt that way as well. Because of Her - what a perfectly lovely idea to have a place to share the gifts Mothers have given that have impacted their daughters with such love, grace, humor, determination, selflessness, resourcefulness, patience, kindness, inclusiveness, empathy, compassion and at times, being a girl's best friend and her heroine. my mom is in the mid-stages of dementia, and I have had to say good-bye to the mother I knew; but there are still so many vestiges of her true essence, and she remains so very loving and happy and grateful for her family, friends and caregivers - without the cares and grief of the loss of my dad and a brother who died suddenly at a young age. and I am so lucky to still have her to love and to be loved by her. so I will read every single post with profound thankfulness as I see so much of what other daughters are left with - not just missing their Mothers, but living the legacy each left to help them carry on. thank you, thank you for this post and the link to the site.

    much love and the light of the legacy your dear Mom left for you,

    Karen xoxo