Friday, March 21, 2014


In publishing my last post, I saw that my mom's eulogy was sitting in my drafts. I was honored to deliver this eulogy for her. Words are not adequate to express my love. I know she heard this....and I hope that she knows that every single word is true. I had a good mom.


Thank you all for coming today to mourn and celebrate our mom. She was a hell of a woman and put up the fight of her life. She is so deeply missed, it's hard to even fathom going through this lifetime without her.

This past weekend, families and friends were out and about for Labor Day. The last hurrah of the summer. My family and I were having labor day as well.....actually, it was a labor of love weekend. My sisters, dad and I were at mom's side all weekend, caring for her, sitting with her, loving her. Not knowing that she would finally be at rest so soon. I know we'd do it all over again, a thousand times, to see her healthy and whole. I know that mom knew we were there, each doing our very best for her.

Like I've said, ma was an amazing woman. I'd like to take a couple moments to share some thoughts on her. 

All three of us girls meant the world to mom. We had a REALLY good mom. We've each learned from her, inherited her traits and have made her proud.

I inherited my gift of gab from mom. Dad always said that mom would tell anyone her life story and that was true. You know, it's just like she and I like to share things with other people that they may find interesting. They NEED to know these things!

Mom and I also shared a strong bond through our love for her mom, my grandma Faye. For 23 years since she has passed, every February 18 mom and I talk on grandma's birthday and every February 22 we call each other to mourn the anniversary of her passing.  This coming Febuaury is going to be very hard.

Katie, as mom was, was a younger mom. There were many challenges that my mom faced having me so young and Katie had some of those as well. But the amazing thing that happened was that Katie fell right into mom's footsteps and made a wonderful life for herself, her daughters, Aubree and Kelsey, and her husband Dan. Mom couldn't have been more proud of Katie for going to nursing school and kicking butt as much as she has. Mom will certainly be beaming from Heaven in May as Katie graduates with her well-earned nursing degree.

Kasey, the baby, has always been mom's soft spot. I remember thinking that when Kasey went to college, mom was going to go with her. Watching one of Kasey's dance recitals with mom and dad one year, it was actually beautiful to see mom gaze at Kasey as she flowed across the stage. Mom was entranced by Kasey and loved her with all of her heart.

She loved each of us girls intensely. We were her life. She was proud of us and would tell anyone she met. But her true joy were her grandchildren. Aubree, Kelsey, Sadie and Colin. She was an awesome grandma. It was rare that she would come over without some kind of gift from a garage sale in her hand for one of the kids. She loved their laughter, their smiles, their chubby cheeks. During my mom's last hour with us, I made her the promise that we would raise all of our babies to know her, just as we all knew and loved grandma Perkins. Our children will know their meemaw, their grandma Kim. My sisters and I will make sure of it.

The last piece of my mom's heart belonged to my dad. Her companion and husband of more than 30 years. Their love was a strong one. One that had its ups and downs, but always prevailed. They would go leafing, out to Eddie's Grill, sit on the back deck or just have their chats in the morning. They were a simple couple who had an amazing love. I know that mom is watching over her man as he begins his journey without her. Us girls will be with him along the way.

We love you mom. I know you are with grandma right now, happy and healthy and whole. Sadie told me the other night that I would be with you again one day when I am an angel like you. I anticipate seeing your beautiful face again, but until then, I will help to love our family as strongly and deeply as you did. I love you.


  1. Very beautiful Eulogy, and I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom.

    1. Thank you, Julie. I was so honored to be able to talk about my mom.

  2. dear Jessica,

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear Mom. what a beautiful and touching eulogy you wrote and read aloud at her service. I send you and your family my wishes for comfort you in your grief.

    much love and light,

    Karen xoxo

    1. Thank you, Karen. My mom deserved the best and I was so happy that I was able to tell people how awesome she was. Thanks for reading.

  3. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I envision your sweet mom proudly smiling down on her girl. I love that you promised her that her grandkids will know her. My kids were 6 and 3 when my mom died. Despite their young age, they do feel they knew her from all the stories we tell. Simple things, like expressions she used, and more involved stories that reveal the amazing woman she was. Your mom's legacy lives on, through you and your kids.

    1. I certainly hope that is true. It's heart breaking that my littlest one will never know her, but I did give her my mom's name! I fully plan on talking about her for the rest of my life.....