Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Evidence of Disease.....Tada!

So I got the call from mom this morning saying that her scan came back CLEAN. And then she said, "the doctor said that there was No Evidence of Disease (NED)." And...boom goes the dynamite.

I could hardly believe it. I asked her if she was sure and if he was sure that there was no lung involvement. And she repeated what she had just told me. Whoa. Clean scan. Last fall we were told that we were losing the fight. That the disease was winning. That if we didn't move fast mom would die.

Switch doctors. New outlook. Hope. NED. AH-Mazing.

And then here comes the pesky but.....

Just because mom had a NED scan really means almost nothing. If you have time, take a few minutes to read the blog post below. It's from a girl named Jennie out in CA. She and I have been corresponding for about 4 months. I reached out on the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network to ask someone about the drugs my mom was taking. It so happens that Jennie was on those drugs and reached out to me. She had a NED scan a few months ago (YAY!), but here is her post a few days out.

NED does not mean the end!

Jennie is amazing.....if you took the time to read her story, I hope that it gives you some perspective on stage 4. Anywho, back to mom...

Mom will still be stage four. Mom will still most likely die from breast cancer. Mom will have to be on lifelong treatments to keep this mother fucker at bay. BUT....a NED scan is awesome. This is just how cancer is. It gives and takes. All the time. Gives you some hope....rips it you some sunshine.....drowns you in its ocean. It's hard to gauge your feelings sometimes.

But.....right now I'm just thankful that we are where we are in this cancer journey. A freaking NED scan!

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