Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My thoughts on Boston and a few other things

I've never had a national tragedy hit as close as the events at the Boston marathon did yesterday. An extended family member was running and I called and texted everyone I could until I heard that she was alright. It was an awful hour or so, my mind was spinning out of control and I was shedding a few tears for the people who were directly impacted.

It just seems like every few months, we as a nation are brought to our knees. School shootings, movie theatre shootings, and now marathon bombings. What on earth are we coming to?

As I was pondering this, I wandered over to my friend's blog and this is a verse she had posted just a few days before:

Psalm 37:1 - 11

Amazing, right? The wicked will eventually be taken care of....but for right now we have to deal with the aftermath while they get away. One day, soon hopefully, we will see the faces and hear the names of those evil, wicked people. Until then, we must remain a strong nation and wrap our arms around the victims and those who are going to be traumatized by this for years to come.

It also pains me to think that this tragedy happened on my baby girl's fourth birthday. A day full of sunshine and sparkles for Sadie Faye while many were weeping. How can I have such a high high one moment and then sweep to such a low, low? At moments like this, I wish I were still on the Zoloft! Maybe it could help regulate all of my thoughts and feelings....but not to be with this little pumpkin growing in my belly. I just have to talk to people about how I feel and know that it is going to be alright. It is going to be alright. One more time.....it is going to be alright.

I have lots to write about my mom and dad....but for now, I just want to leave this as is. Thanks to my gal pal for posting such an amazing verse. I'm not a super religious person...but this really opened my eyes and is providing a bit a solace.

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