Monday, April 1, 2013

Just a note - slightly gross

Just needed to write this quick so that I don't has a pretty severe bladder infection and has been peeing herself. Kinda hard to hear from your mom that she's pissing herself. But! It's better than last chemo when she was shitting herself.

I asked her how the oral chemo is doing and she has assured me that all of her lesions are flat. We'll see about that......

As I write this, I know that I have some readers who may be disturbed/saddened to hear this. Before I took this blog semi-public, I used to write my feelings and thoughts down without abandon. I wanted to do that today, to make a note for my future self. Instead, I hemmed and hawed over whether this was the right thing to do. I guess now that I am out, I have to realize that everyone can see this. Sorry if I've made you uncomfortable, but that is exactly what stage four MBC is. Un-motherfucking-comfortable. Blah.

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