Friday, March 21, 2014


As I touched on earlier, words that will stick with me for eternity are:

"The fruits of Kim's struggle may take years to realize."

These words were spoken at her service by Father Mark. The words come to mind almost daily. What fruit will come from my mom's struggle? Will breast cancer end because of HER struggle? Nope. Will people stop pinking because of HER struggle? No chance. Will her struggle make someone think again about breast cancer?I will try my best to make damn sure of that.

What I mean about think again is to not just see a color. To not just see a smiling face. To not just see a survivor. To think again means to take the reactions and emotions that my sisters and I have exhibited and to think about WHAT breast cancer is. What it actually is. It's NOT a color, it's not only survivors. It's not only hope. It's despair. It's disgusting. It's disfiguring. 

Maybe some of my mom's fruits will be that people think again. Breast cancer isn't the "easy" cancer, although it's marketed like it. My mom's death has challenged me to help spread the word on metastatic breast cancer. I vow to never let anyone think breast cancer is easy. I used to think it was. Until I met MBC. Then my world was flipped upside down.

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