Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good news!

Today we had our oncology appointment with Dr. Bergman. It last all of 15 minutes. He checked mom's lymphnodes under her left arm and said that he thought the swelling has gone down. He said that she has gained some weight and looks to be in good health. Overall he was very happy with the progress. We'll have another PET scan in three weeks and a follow-up with him in four. So, we can kind of breathe easy for a couple weeks.

He said that we would probably be doing PET scans every 4-4.5 months. It seems like such a long time in between appointments, but I guess that is what has to be done.

So that is the update for I am writing this I am thinking about how I'll look back on this. When will I look back on this? Will I look back on this? Is it good to document this journey? You see how my head spins out of control? I guess, for the time being, it's good to write down what has happened so that I can remind mom. We have an appointment with her surgeon tonight at 5:45. Mom says I don't have to go, but.........

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