Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy.....for about five seconds

Well, it's been a bit since I last posted. Most everything has been going normally. Mom has been walking much better and has had less leg pain. Really nothing major has happened since the last post in early May. Oh, except that mom cancelled one of her appointments and I went bat shit crazy on her. Let's just say that she won't cancel another appointment for work :)

So this Wednesday, May 30, mom received a voicemail from Dr. Bergman's nurse saying that the results of the PET scan showed that she is having excellent response to treatment and that the scan looked good. She went on to say that the doctor would talk to her further about it at our Monday appointment.

Mom called to tell me and I yelped with excitement! It was really an awesome feeling to have such great news for once. So I started texting and calling everyone to share the good news. As I was doing this, I was overtaken with the urge to CRY. So I went and grabbed by husband and went in for a big hug. I guess it was just a cry to let some emotion out. The Zoloft has really been doing its job, but I don't always feel I have the correct emotional responses to things.

So once the happiness sank in, the apprehension began. What do they mean about treatment is excellent? It doens't mean it's gone, does it? What are the next steps? Will mom have another birthday? So many questions. I know that I need to be rooted in the moment, but damnit, it's hard.

BUUUUT, at least we didn't get the news that it has spread. I'll update more after the appointment on Monday~

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