Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Been awhile.....

So I noticed that my last post was in June saying that mom's PET scan came back awesomely. As a matter of fact, Dr. Bergman said that her cancer was roughly 95% gone! 95%!!

Fast forward to the beginning of August. Mom felt a lump under her mastectomy site. "It's just a calcium deposit" she said. Well, in fact it was cancer. The cancer that was GONE (almost) in June was back with a fierceness. It not only came back in her spine, bones, ribs, lymphnodes, it has moved to her shoulder. What a freaking nightmare. Apparently the once a day pill she had been taking had stopped working.

Now our plan of "attack" on the cancer is a shot in the butt of estrogen each month and another shot in the arm of bone strengthening medicine. We should have another scan sometime in October.

I haven't been going to my mom's appointments with her....mainly because I haven't been thinking about it. Is that horrible of me? I feel like I am so overwhelmed/not overwhelmed at all, that I can't keep my thoughts straight. Sometimes I think that the Zoloft is suppressing my feelings and thoughts a little too much.

And as we just had the second anniversary of her diagnosis, that also means that this October will be the third October that I have to have BC shoved down my throat at every turn. I can't even watch football because they will be wearing stupid pink. I love pink and I love the movement, but a whole month is overwhelming to someone who has to deal with this everyday.

I just read a wonderful article today that I want to share:

Beyond pink

This is written by a stage IV warrior. I feel that it is so touching, sad and beautiful.

Until next time......

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