Friday, June 7, 2013

Mets to the Liver and Lungs

So until today at approximately 12:45, my mom only had metastis to her breast, bones, spine, ribs and lymhnodes. Not ideal, but at least not in any organs. And then the phone call came. Mom now has mets to her liver and lung. We've reached that point.

Don't freak out yet. Here is the report:

  • One spot on the lung
  • Two/three (depending on who you talk to, mom or dad) spots on the liver
  • Cancerous fluid in the bottom of the left lung
From what dad says, Dr. G. is very confident that we can knock this back with more IV chemo, and I tend to believe that. Mom has always responded very well to IV chemo. Either Monday or Tuesday of next week she will begin chemo, doc is just trying to figure out which drugs will be the best. He is confident that we can get mom to another clean scan.

While that's great, overall it sucks. I've looked at it as a feather in our cap that we have missed any organ involvement. While these are small pieces on the organs, they are still THERE. Which means our odds long-term are going to go down a bit.

Oh yeah, and they also found a blood clot in her abdomen, so now she has to give herself daily injections of coumadin for the next 3 months to keep that at bay. Again, the doc is not that worried about that. He seems to have a pretty good outlook on things. Since he has been a miracle worker so far, I tend to go along with him and his plans. This time, a bit more nervously.

So, that is a titch of a blow. But what are we gonna do? Keep marching forward, that's what we do.

Before I leave though, I just HAVE to put down how awesome and amazing my dad's service was. It couldn't have gone any better. The weather was perfect, almost 80 people came and we had one hell of a party for dad. His send off was what my dreams were made of. Take a moment to watch his ashes being gets me every time.

I am hoping to write more about dad's service soon.....

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