Friday, July 19, 2013


I've decided not to post today about my mom. She is still sick, depressed and in denial. We've established that. What I want to talk about are my girlfriends.

I have been incredibly blessed with many wonderful friendships over the span of my lifetime. But very few come close to what I have with Anne, Sue, Theresa, Bernadette, Kelly, Jen and Heidi. I've been thinking about these girls since earlier this week when I was looking around town for a pedicure. It hit me from out of nowhere that I had some gift certificates to use for spa services. Last April, my friends all gathered their money, handwritten cards, notes and poems and gifted my sisters, mom and I with a huge gift certifcate for spa services. You see, only one month prior, my mom was diagnosed stage four. They presented me with this glorious and beautiful gift on my daughter's third birthday.

Most of us after a very emotional card opening.

I have been friends with these gals since the third grade - we are talking going on 25 years of friendship.

From our high school days....

To our 21st birthdays....

To our bridal showers....

They have been by my side. Every single step of the way.

The latest time they all came to my side was at my dad's memorial. Heidi drove in from Chicago, Bern, Theresa and Jen came from Columbus and my other chicas are close to me.

It was truly humbling and overwhelming to have those girls with me. I know I would do anything for them, or their children, but sometimes receiving as much love as I's hard to put into words.

I read this blog today about girlfriends and it really jogged me to write this. So often this blog is sad. This is a happy post. A post that will continue to grow in me. A good post. 

This is a tribute to you. I love you all. Getting through mom's cancer and my dad's passing has been aided by the love, support, devotion and smiles of you girls. I just had to put this out there today. PHS 97 rocks!

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