Sunday, October 7, 2012

At mom's today

My little family and I went over to mom's seeing as how we had an open house today. I took the kids over around 10 and then Brian and I went over around 1. When I got there, my mom picked up Colin to which my dad promptly yelled at her. Her shoulder is still hurting her and she really shouldn't be picking up the kiddos. I really feel bad for her. My mom wants to be a very active grandma.....having dad yell at her wasn't exactly awesome.

So anyways, we decided to stay for the Browns game. Mom and I chatted, but it was nothing huge. Kinda the same as it has always been. As we were sitting there, I felt like I should ask her "stuff" so that when she passes I know all about her. But we've never worked that way. Mom is kinda private and I've never really felt comfortable asking her some was I breastfed? How was her labor with me? How did she work full time with 3 kids? My mom doesn't like the focus on her, so I never really ask those "personal" questions.

Anywho, I asked her about her friends Rita and Dana. They were really tight with mom and dad for a long time. Both Rita and Dana work at Avery. Mom then went on to tell me that she and Rita barely speak anymore and that mom thinks it's because of her cancer. She said that many people treat her differently now. That really makes me both sad and confused.

Confused because my mom has never really changed since the diagnosis. Sure, during the tough treatment times she has some pretty fucked up mood swings, but at the core she is the same woman.

Sad because mom needs her friends right now. She really does. I instantly thought of Annie (my only reader :) and Susie. I would certainyl hope that those girls would be by my side through anything. I know my mom has lots of friends, but it really just breaks my heart that some of her friends can't tell that she is the exact same woman she was a couple years ago. I had just assumed that all was well.....I guess not though.

Mom was telling me about some of her other friends though which makes me happy. I just feel such a loss for mom. Hasn't she been through enough? Now some of her friends feel uncomfortable? I htink that is just shameful. I have half a mind to call Rita and Dana.....but mom would KICK MY ASS if I did!

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