Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So I chatted with mom yesterday and she told me that she ended up going to Dr. Greenfield because she was worried that she had pluerisy. She had had this during the first round of her IV chemo back in November of 2010.

Here are my notes from talking to her:

She had a chest xray which showed the start of pneumonia in the upper left lobe. She is going to be on antibiotics for the next 10 days. She can go ahead and start her next chemo treatment without it affecting the antibiotics. The only things she can't take until after the antibiotics is her calcium pill.

Dr. Greenfield does not think it is a tumor in the lung. The tumor under her arm is smaller and the tumor in the middle of her chest (the open sore thingie) is smaller and has been drying up. He feels the Xeloda is working.

She will be on the chemo pill indefinitly....I guess until it stops working. She reported no side effects from the chemo.

She said that she was with Dr. G. for about 1.5 hours and that the appointment I was going to go with her to on Thursday has been cancelled. So for now I just have to take mom at her word, although it seems that she told me and my sisters all the same story this time. SHOCKER!

So far, so good on the Xeloda. Mom looks good, no hair loss. On to the next treatment which should start 10.24. I need to confirm this date with her and keep her on track!

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