Friday, October 12, 2012

Update on doctors

Mom began her Xeloda, which is a chemo pill, this Wednesday (10.10.12). She will take this pill once in the morning and once at night for the next 7 days. She'll have a 7 day break and then we will repeat this again. I believe that after the second cycle we will go back to Dr. Greenfield to chat. Let's hope and pray that this drug takes hold!

I wanted to back up to Monday of this week however. I was sitting at my desk at work and recieved a phone call from Flo from Dr. Bergman's office. She asked for mom, to which I told her who I was. Flo said that it was imperative that mom get to their office that day to begin chemo. I then explained to Flo that we were moving in a different direction and were changing doctors. She said fine and we hung up the phone. Roughly 2 minutes later I recieved another call from Flo. This time she said that Dr. Bergman wanted to speak to mom now and that, again, she needed to get in TODAY to start chemo IV. I told Flo that that wasn't happening and that I would email mom to call the doctor.

So I emailed mom.

And she called right away and was pissed.

I think she thought that I had called UH, but I told her that they called me trying to get in touch with her. She was not happy at all that they were being this forceful.

When I talked to mom a little later, I was a little shocked at what she had to say to me. She said that she spoke with Bergman and that he said she is doing the wrong treatment, it won't be aggressive enough and that she is just postponing IV chemo, because that is what it is going to come to. Basically she is shortening her life by going with another doctor. WHAT THE FUCK?

Our new doc LISTENED to mom when she said that she doesn't want to be debilitated again. Our new doc spent OVER AN HOUR with us. Our new doc did a THOROUGH exam on my mom. How dare Bergman tell mom that she is killing herself? I;m sorry, you are the motherfucker who let my mom get to fucking stage 4. I think I have to stop writing, I feel my heart pounding in my chest because it makes me so mad that that fucker would say that to mom. Where was he a year ago? Enough of him.

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