Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy birthday!

Mom has made it to her 53rd birthday! At this point last year, you couldn't have convinced me that we were going to make it this far. The journey in her 53 years has been rough and I don't foresee the next few years being a cakewalk. But at any rate, she made it!
Mom and Dad on their wedding day - 11.23.85 - isn't she so cute?
Over the past few weeks, I've had a rough time dealing with mom, her cancer and her ATTITUDE. She's so negative, always barking at someone, or completely ignoring that anything is wrong (like her broken rib). It's a very conflicting world, being mad at your mom who has stage 4 breast cancer. My sister said, "I have a hard time being mad at mom, she's sick." And I was all, "Hell no, she's being a beeotch."

I finally called my mom yesterday after our rough mother's day. Of course, she had no clue that I was upset with her. We talked, I am hoping that she heard me. I heard her when she said that it is hard to always keep everyone in the loop. I can get you really want to re-tell the story 8,000 times? I just wish that she would meet us in the middle of the road. Let us in. Let us know things. Let us HELP.

Again, I digress. Mom has made it to 53! Another hairless birthday, hopefully next year she will have hair! I love you mom!

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