Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day...

Can kiss my ass. While I personally had a wonderful day of receiving little presents from my children and being able to cook my heart out, it sucked when I went to my mom's. My whole MD went out the window almost the second we walked into the dark house where my mom and sister were sitting in the living room.

Mom was disconnected. She was grouchy. She "yelled" at the kids. When I say yelled, she got really snippy when my little niece wanted to go outside to play. Yes, it was cold and yes, Kelsey was not wearing the proper clothes to be playing outside in. But none of the kids were, and let them just go outside and release some energy for 20 minutes. It wasn't going to kill them.

I tried to get the attention on me and my ever growing belly, just so we could all have something to talk about. Naming baby names seemed to take some of the pressure off for a bit, but then you could tell mom was getting tired or something.

Dad was out in the garage with my husband the entire time, talking his ear off. What Brian told me on the way home horrified me. Mom won't let dad out of her sight. My dad told Brian that his perfect day would be "to be allowed to go downstairs and play the guitar for half an hour." We have a BIG problem on our hands. Mom won't let him go grocery shopping on his own, she'll go, then get tired and then sit in the car. When dad gets back, she'll bitch at him for taking so long.

Mom won't let dad sleep in another room. Although she is up coughing all night long, he is not allowed to go on the couch to sleep. He told Brian that he works 10 hours a day on roughly 3 hours of sleep. What the hell is going on?? Dad told Brian that this is not the woman he married. She flies into a rage over the smallest things.

Oh, and did I tell you that she's given away her Vicoden and OcyCodone to my aunt??? I asked mom, please never do that again. Mom saw no problem in it. EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS A FUCKING BROKEN RIB that is supposed to be managed with pain meds. I guess she got a refill, so everything is hunkey dorey again.

What am I supposed to do? My sisters and I are going to meet up this week to try to figure something out. But what in the hell am I supposed to be doing? All I know is that my mom and dad cannot go on like this anymore. Mom is coming to terms with stage four and now we all are paying for it.

My heart hurts and my head wants to explode. I want to say that I am done with this. Can I, please???

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