Monday, May 13, 2013

Not sure what to do about this.

I just wrote this to my best friend and I thought I would just put it down here to make sure that I keep track of everything that happens. 


My sister called the doc about the mood swings and here is what she wrote:

Ok talked to him. He is concerned about the change in behavior. He confirmed that the scans were clear except for the little bit in the skull bones. He thinks she might have a brain metastasis and needs a brain scan. He is calling her today to talk to her. He said usually with a brain met though- they have other symptoms like numbness and tingling in the extremities. I said she was having pain in the arm. I wasnt sure if it was numbness though.

So at the last appointment that we were all blocked from, mom found out that she has a small amount of cancer in her skull and never told anyone until today when the doctor told Katie. Dr. G. believes that her erratic moods may be a result of cancer in the brain. I will die. I simply will wither away and die if that is the case. Not too sure I can handle that. I know I am being dramatic, but seriously, I can’t keep going through this. It refers to numbness…’s fingers and right leg have been going numb for about the past month. The doc thinks that the mood swings coupled with the numbness might mean brain mets.

The doctor understands that he can’t call mom and tell her that Katie called him. He is concerned enough that he is making up an excuse and wants her brain to be scanned by Wednesday (he is then leaving on a 10-day vacation). Not quite sure what to do……

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