Friday, August 16, 2013

A 2-Liter of Pop

That is what was drained out of mom this morning. Nearly two liters of fluid out of one freaking lung. I am really hoping that it gives her some massive relief SOON.

So, it's only been a mere four days since I posted, but of course hell has kinda broken loose.

So, we go to the radiologist on Tuesday (8/13). Besides this guys super awesome head of hair, he was also a super awesome guy. HE is the reason why mom had her procedure today. We went in to get ideas for radiation and instead he wanted to get mom out of pain....THANK YOU! He did give us a few options for radiation and we left him to chat with the pulmonologist and oncologist. The really great  thing about this appointment was that we found out that the two spots on mom's brain are tiny - 4mm and 6mm. Good news!

So we wait until Wednesday evening to hear back from Dr. G. and from what I gather from my dad, who was talking in front of my mom (as we all know, that is not a good thing) Dr. G. called mom and basically told her that he wasn't sure if we should go through with radiation since there is so little brain involvement. EEERRR. Try again. Anytime we let mom's cancer breathe for one moment, it spreads like wildfire. And then I guess he told her that he wasn't sure about continuing treatment. So, an appointment has been made for 8/20 for our WHOLE FAMILY to go in and talk to the doctor. He hasn't failed us yet, and if he does recommend to take her off of treatment, we need to decide this as a family and be fully informed. Novel idea, huh?

BREAKING NEWS! My dad just called and my mom is already on her way home. He says that she is doing and feeling 100% better! Yay! Don't put all your eggs in one basket! Yay! The sky is falling! I obviously don't know how I feel right now. I am hoping this sticks for a bit. I am hoping to see some pep in her step. Fingers crossed.

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