Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Notes - nothing surprising here....

Treatment isn’t working
111 pounds
Giving her two bags of saline to help with dehydration
Brain scan tomorrow (8-8) at 3
Chest xray today (8-7)

 Cancer is progressing and chemo is not working. The liver is worse. Dr. Weiss is concerned about the liver…this time there is a lot of stuff on it.

Does the treatment benefit mom this much that she should stay on the chemo? Dad is going to ask about this. 

These are my notes from talking to dad on the phone.  Not good, but also not surprising. I feel very calm about this for some reason...almost like I am on Zoloft or something. My poor little sister was all upset and crying and I just felt like a zombie robot. I think I am more concerned about the brain scan taking place tomorrow.

Positive Vibes
We have two doctors on her case
Mom was still asking about treatments - maybe she isn't "giving up"

So I will try to focus on those. Till next time.

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