Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today was the first day of mom's second round of chemo. Only 5 more times to go! YAY.

 My sister went with mom and had an overall good report to bring back. There is one major thing that concerns me.....we'll get to that later.

Mom's port is proving to be awesome. No muss, no fuss. Mom was hooked up by 10:15 receiving her pepcid, benadryl and anti-nausea medicine. She had put the soothing lotion on the port site and didn't even feel a pinch when they put the needle in. So, instead of them having to search for a vein, they just popped it right into her and she was off and running.

Mom's hair is getting very thin, but she isn't wearing the wig yet...I would assume by next week or the week after, she'll have the wig on all the time.

Mom has been coughing so much that she vomited 5 times on Monday. Her appetite is WAY down because of the constant coughing. Which is why she lost 5.5 pounds this week. 5.5. That kinda freaks me out. Not kinda, it does freak me out. I guess she told the nurse that she typically only wants to each about 50% of her plate. She was doing so well last week with her weight. And now down almost 6 pounds in one week?!? She is now at 133.

I have to do some homework and find out how "bad" this is. This whole coughing thing has to stop, but I am afraid that we aren't going to know anything until after the three rounds of chemo and another PET scan. I think all of us are worrying that there is a tumor somewhere that is agitating her lungs.  I spoke to mom a little bit ago and she seemed very happy about how fast and easy the port is, so that is great.

So, the roller coaster continues. I just got a call today that my dad is in the hospital again! I swear to god, this is fucking never-ending.

I just spoke to him and he seems to be doing fine....his lungs are filling with fluid again. They'll give him some Lasix and hopefully discharge him tomorrow or this weekend. At least he didn't need blood this time! I am looking forward to going to TN in two weeks with Colin to visit dad and my whole family.

So, I am doing fine. Good things are happening in my life, even with all of this drama with my parents. We received a wonderful surprise this week that caught us all off-guard, more on that later. So, who knows what the hell 2013 will bring. I do know that it will bring some good though. And some tears. And some screaming. But I am determined that it will bring good!

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