Thursday, January 10, 2013

WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! (Pictures included)

AWESOME oncology appointment today. AWESOME!!

Here is the quick rundown:
  • Mom GAINED a pound - current weight is 138.08. This is the first gain in over a month!
  • BP was good, pulse was 93. A little on the high side, but lower than it has been 
  • Energy level is still way down. She looked very tired today
  • Cough is still going on. Doc wanted to order an xray, but in true mom fashion, she wants to give it one more week (since she's off chemo this week). Doc was fine with that.

Her tumors are shrinking!! Flattening!! Some of the nodules are GONE!! Don't you just want to scream from the top of the trees with me?!

Whew, okay, I need to get myself under control. The rest of the appointment went well. We did hit one rough spot when the doc told mom that we would be in some form of chemo for the rest of her life. See, my mom thinks that if you take one dose of something, and it works, then you are done! Voila! Cured. It's kinda frustrating. At that point, Dr. Greenfield told us, "Aha....I see we have a medicine-phobe here." And that is exactly what mom is. Why can't she understand that stage four means no remission, no break from medicine? If she would only start to educate herself. But, as my loving husband said, she has me for that.

So after the ***great!*** appointment, she and I headed over to The Gathering Place to find her a new wig. Erin, my group leader was nothing short of amazing with mom. She had the perfect pitch with mom and made her feel comfortable. We ended up picking out a nice wig for mom. A little short, but nice.

As I had my back turned to mom trying to put those damn wigs back on the mannequin heads, I turned around and say my mom in this god-awful blondish-brownish curly wig. OMG, I burst out laughing! She said that she was trying to have curly hair just like me. That woman looked a hot mess. It was so nice for that moment of levity.

So, feeling good after a tough, tough week. This is the thing, cancer can bring you to the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. Right now I am riding high and hope that the wave doesn't crash too soon.

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