Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sister Break Through!

Today has been an exceptional day. I spent most of my day at home with the kids, cleaning, organizing and catching up on phone calls. I called my dad who was in an AWESOME mood. It just made me so happy to hear HIM so happy.

I had called my littlest sister this morning when I couldn't get ahold of mom. Kasey usually has the lifeline on mom. Well, Kase didn't answer. So a couple hours went by and mom called me. We are getting together tomorrow to celebrate my dad's birthday.

Mom said that she was feeling fine...although her cough was crazy. She and I were only on the phone for about 4 minutes.

So Kasey calls me a little while after that. I asked her how mom is doing and she told me that she and mom got into a little tiff about money. $3,000, dad's 401K, that's about all I'll say about that. Anywho, Kasey then said to me, "I want to say something, but I don't want you to be mad at me." Very calmly I said ok.

Then my little sister started to tell me that she has been reading up and she just doesn't think that she is the kind of person who can handle sitting in a room with mom receiving chemo. She said that it really freaks her out, even makes her sick, to sit there thinking about the poison that is running through mom;s veins. Kase said that she would rather support mom with being with her on the weekends, bringing over meals, etc. I just wanted to cry. THIS is why it has been so hard to get her to go to chemo! I just thought a part of her didn't care. How silly was that assumption?!

I told her that it was absolutely fine that she didn't want to go. She promised that if we were in a pinch she would be there, and I believe that.It felt like a weight had been lifted for me, and her as well. She feels most comfortable spending time with with mom, just not in the chemo chair. I am way cool with that. Kasey gets to spend time with mom that Katie and I can't neccessarily do because of kids, work and school. So we chatted some more and left each other happy.

This kind of conversation with my sisters is what HAS to happen. We need to come together, and while some may think this was small, this was HUGE!

Good day! Now off to watch Tangled with my princess.

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